Twitter Report 10th April

Trending on Twitter, 10th April

1. ChinaMustExplain & BringKenyansinChinaHome & beijing & Racism & DeportRacistChinese – These hashtags were trending after reports emerged online that Africans, including Kenyans, were being thrown out by landlords in China. Allegedly, they were even denied the use of public transport such as the subway and had to stay outside. Such actions had #KOT condemning the Chinese as racists. However, other reports indicating that those Africans who were being thrown out were working illegally and could therefore not take a mandatory covid-19 test. Landlords were instructed not to harbor anyone who hasn’t taken the test, leading to some tenants being thrown out.

2. KiberaFoodChaos – Raila’s food donation ended up in chaos as desperate Kibera residents struggled to get a share, abandoning precautions such as social distancing and putting themselves at risk

3. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied – This hashtag was trending because allegedly, China hid information about the Corona Virus from the beginning. They hid the emergence of the virus for weeks and silenced the whistleblowers. They’re also said to have lied to the world about the seriousness of the virus and even destroyed patients’ test samples.

4. Moses Kuria – This guy was trending one, because of his comments on Facebook regarding the mistreatment of Kenyans in China. On his FB post, he said that all Chinese in Kenya should go back to their country, a sentiment which most #KOT supported. Second, Kuria donated sh. 25 million shillings to support vulnerable slum families in Kiambu and Nairobi by helping them pay rent and giving them survival kits. Third, an apartment of his in Juja, Walawi, had their electricity cut off, allegedly because they did not pay their rent.

5. Juja – Juja was trending after a landlord decided to remove the doors of tenants who had failed to pay rent. This is after he had cut off electricity and water. The landlord had decided to do this because for some of his tenants who had rent arrears from March. Also in Juja, tenants in an apartment allegedly owned by Moses Kuria – Walawi, had their electricity cut off because they had not paid rent.

6. David Ndii – Branded an intellectual by #KOT, Ndii has been trending after he engaged in a fierce debate with Donald Kipkorir. Ndii has been accused of ethnic slurs against tribes such as the Luo. In an interesting tweet, he denounced his Kikuyu tribe and in yet another tweet, refused to engage with someone he referred to as ‘kihii’.

7. Raila – Raila has been trending after he donated foodstuff worth sh.15 million shillings. Some #KOT criticized this move, saying that bread and soda were not really the best to offer people at this time. Also, in an interview with Citizen, he called on other leaders to donate and said that BBI would continue after Corona, adding that no person can stop reggea and that Corona was not a person.

8. Mugabe – The former Zimbabwean president was trending in the wake of mistreatment of black people in China. Most tweeps seemed to paint him as a hero because he had the courage to take a stand against the whites by and chase them out of Zimbabwe

9. jkia – #KOT have been monitoring flights into and out of Kenya using, a website that shows live air traffic. They’ve been using it to send out alerts whenever a plane lands at jkia, or appears to be headed to jkia. Yesterday, there was some buzz about a chinese plane that had landed at the international airport.

10. Miguna – Most #KOT talking about Ndii yesterday also mentioned Miguna in their posts, since they are both considered intellectuals and have a shared history. Miguna has been busy, as usual, telling Kenyans what he considers the truth and calling out injustices. His latest victim is Raila Odinga

Trending on YouTube, 10th April

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 2M views in 1 week
2.Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 356k views in 4 days
3. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 1.3M views in 2 days.
4. Kevin Otieno Patient Number 34 – Eric Omondi’s Parody of Mutahi Kagwe’s press briefings. 281k views in 3 days.
5. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 217k views in 2 days.
6. Nyashinski – Glory. Official Music Video. 176k views in 2 days.
7. Vibaya – Otile Brown’s Official Music Video featuring his new white lover Maddijewitt. 211k views in 2 days.
8. Mca Tricky x Ruebaby – Rege, a parody of Diamond and Tanasha’s Gere. 496k views in 1 week.
9. Khaligraph Jones – Roll With You 590k views in 3 days.
10. Sailors – Dunda Official Lyric Video. 106k views in 2 days.

What Kenyans were reading on, 10th April

1. Chinese Should Leave Kenya Immediately – Moses Kuria
2. Pregnant Mother Bleeds to Death During Curfew
3. Raila Takes Shot at Ruto After ksh 15 Million Donation
4. Inside Jubilee’s Plan to Merge With ODM-Moses Kuria
5. Governor Buys Jerricans at Ksh10K Each Sparking Outrage
6. Govt Allows Covid-19 Patient to Land in Nairobi
7 Ksh2OK Fine for Not Wearing Mask – CS Kagwe
8. Kenyans Drive Out Chinese From Site Police Watch Helplessly [VIDEO]
9. Kenyans Evicted From Houses in China, Blamed for Coronavirus
10. How to Properly Handle Your Face Mask to Avoid Infecting Yourself
With Covid-19 (VIDEO)

What Kenyans were reading on Tuko, 10th April

  1. CS Mutahi says he won’t report like Eric Omondi after comedian hilariously spoofed his daily briefing. 29,000+ views
  2. Meet Maria Citizen TV cast: what are the real names of the actors and actresses? 17, 000 + views
  3. What are the latest updates on covid-19 Kenya? 74,000+ views
  4. What is Easter Monday? 13,000+ views
  5. Happy Easter 2020 – how to celebrate this holy day? 10,000+ views
  6. Funny and best Easter quotes to make your day 34,000 + views
  7. Africans evicted from hotels in China over coronavirus fears 30, 000+ views

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