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…I think my problems started when my fat ass started liking boys..
It’s raining…oh baby its can always come in to me..come in to me.
Because ..wen the sun shines we’ll shine together…told you ill be here forever – what if the sun doesn’t shine?


In kiuk they call it rereshensheeps….it can either be the best feeling or the worst experience for some. Or both. I hate dis topic personally. But the rate at which people are killing each other because of allegedly love gone sour is terrible.And to think that would be the worst part..the worst part is how they kill each other..from being hacked with an axe to being cut to being stabbed to being poisoned..all those kinds of evil.

Love can be sweet but when tings go me you will sing TAKA TAKA! Haha and yes..I’m speaking out of experience. Y’all be outchea falling in love but just guard your heart..even the Bible says Guard your heart because from it springs the issues of life. Now let me tell y’all..God was&is right. Your heart can be poisoned and from here we hear so and so killed his/her spouse because of God-knows-what. I can’t even begin to justify the reasons why people kill each other because I believe we have angels to do that work during judgement day.

Rejection hurts but use the pain to your advantage and discover yourself. From here, MOVE ON don’t go hurting or killing people’s children.

Confession. I loved Alvindo’s song. Personally because I dedicated it to my dearest most beloved muthafuckin ex. (the female version) that Shiru sang. Juu enyewe unakataa kua chali yangu si ukwende uko?? Na kuna shida nikitoa kwa wimbo? Na kama ulinihurt io design? Y’all, we all have exes but some of us had our Idi Amins and Adolf Hitlers. Not all exes are heartless some waliachana ama kuachwo kwa uzuri..lucky you if you were left with your heart in one piece. Some were left in pieces. Haha well not reaeeeallly pieces mbikos somehow we still alive today. It just felt like a good ting to write. haha.

Personally my take is..yes relationships are not a walk in the park..there are RAINS. Or let’s say,,winter comes.

And even according to God’s plan, relationships were meant to be for companionship. A companion is a friend. The friend with the UMBRELLA to shield the partner through your that when the sun shines ,,y’all mfs can shine together. But that’s the ideal situation – not what really happens.

What happens is people may be with you through the sunshine wakutoke kukinyesha haha.. cases involving money for example happen this way. Somebody gets bitter and reacts. Another murder. Cheating.. then the other partner realizes.. news. Oooh HIV…Boom! Death..and nowadays the scariest part is that the victims of heartbreaks are nowadays not afraid. Some go full psycho mode and decide to kill their spouses and later kill themselves..or to those who don’t commit suicide, they aren’t afraid to go to jail. Clearly this shows that one of us is not mentally okay… us or them.

In every relationship, after a break up, one person is normally more hurt and affected than the other who may not show any signs of being affected and prolly moves on before the other. I’m talking about the real relationships si ka hizi za skuizi za kuchezeana akili. According to research there are normally six types of lovers:

1) Manic/Obsessive. I remember this one because I’m proudly one. These types have trust issues, and are often demanding, codependent and outright possessive. Prolly dats why they end up more hurt than their spouses.

2.) Eros [physical love] these lovers are attracted to people who are physically attractive. They feel most intense during the initial stages of a relationship but may lose interest quickly.

3 ) Ludus [game playing love] haha..sema maplayer..kina Brayo and Kevo..not forgetting their female counterparts, Sharo (ironical) and Caro. They see relationships as fun, playful and casual. Those attached to ludus lovers have concerns about cheating and infidelity

4).Agape [unselfish love] I know a few people who are ‘unselfish’ lovers and focus on giving than receiving and have a high degree of passion for a lover.

5.) Pragma[ practical love]..these love types go for someone who fits a particular image. I think ni those who write in magazines and newspapers..I’m looking for someone this age, financial status fact: many people who use dating apps or visit internet dating sites are pragma lovers.

6.) Storge [companionate love] – this type of lovers have relationships based on friendships, shared values, goals and compatibility. Physical attractiveness doesn’t matter a lot to them.

So clearly we are all not the same when it comes to searching for some one to settle with because every one is a different type of lover. Now I cannot say go look for someone who’s the same type of lover as you because that is not how it works. We meet by chance. If it works well and good if it does not toka mapema.

Heeeesema makarao! Just the other day after finishing my attachment I came to a near encounter with the National Police.. haha at least it will be a story to tell my kids (God willing) when they grow of age. A lot of things crossed my mind but Thank God corruption is a muthafucka.

“Even if this life ends now,,, I know that I am happy with you…” Nikita Keringg thinks we should be with people that we are happy being with. And I think so too,,understand what type of lover your patner is..what they like..what you can compromise for the relationship but mostly what makes him or her happy. If you feel you cant handle all that siste or brathe shuka na jam ujoin team single! Hii Maisha ni safari.

Vitu Zingine si a Must.
Mahatma Gandhi

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