Useful Apps For Comrades

1. Keep Notes

The app is available for free on Google Play. Key Features:

  • Convert your handwritten notes into text by just taking a photo. No typing required. The accuracy of the conversion depends on your handwriting.
  • Easily copy text from any image. For example, if you want to copy the content in a printed book, just take a good photo and the information on the book will be converted into text that you can copy and paste as you wish.
  • Take notes in English using your voice. This is way faster than typing. Also, it’s highly accurate.
  • Take notes that have reminders.
  • Collaborate on a document with other people remotely.
  • Organize and group your notes using tags and color codes.
  • Access your notes across devices. You can write some notes on your phone and access them on your laptop via Google Keep on the web. You can also copy notes on Keep to Google Docs.
  • Easily turn notes into checklists. Click here to download the Google Keep app on playstore.
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2. Psiphon Pro.

Freely available on Play Store. Key Features:

  • Use the internet for free. It works with all sites including Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Access sites that have been blocked on a network eg you can access YouTube on a school network that normally blocks YouTube.
  • Access sites that you normally wouldn’t access because of geoblocking. Click here to go to PlayStore and download the app.

3. AnyBooks

Key features:

  • Access almost any book for free. If there exists a soft copy of a book out there, you likely to find it for free on AnyBooks
  • In built dictionary to help instantly know the meaning of words
  • Customize your reading environment
  • Maintain a notebook where you can take notes on each book you’re reading. Click here to download the app on PlayStore
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4. Canva

Key features:

  • Design anything from birthday cards to posters with ease
  • Get access to thousands of high quality images for use in your designs
  • Collaborate on designs remotely
  • Edit your photos professionally. Click here to download the app on PlayStore

5. U-Torrent

Key features:

  • Download any movies and series for free on torrent sites like BitTorrent from the comfort of your phone. If you are new to torrenting, click here to read about it.
  • Get premium software for free. Click here to download the app on PlayStore

6. De-Chat(Bonus)

DeChat is a social networking app for students in Kimathi. Here are its key features:

  • Connect and send a message to the any of the 7000+ students in the university, provided they are on DeChat.
  • See posts from any student in the university in the feed section. This will help you keep up with comrades.
  • Have your posts seen by everyone in the school
  • Establish a community of students with the same interests. Unlike WhatsApp groups which have a limit of 257 members, this communities are limitless
  • Sell anything on the market section
  • Follow trending topics or start a trend with the hashtag feature. Click here to download the app on PlayStore

Towards connected, united and prosperous comrades.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling us about the apps you find most useful


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