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Agriculture CS Munya launching Royal Coffee Flavored Yogurt at Freedom Hall
Launch of Commercial Production of Coffee Flavored Yogurt

Peter Munya, the CS in charge of Agriculture, was in Dekut today to preside over the launch of the commercial production of coffee flavored yogurt. The product is branded Royal Coffee Yogurt and was launched at the Freedom Hall. After today, the yogurt will be available countrywide, courtesy of Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy Limited, which will be responsible for the production and countrywide distribution of the product. Dekut developed and patented a natural coffee flavor that they have now licensed to the dairy company. Read more about this here

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Announcement of Successful Nominees for Upcoming Elections

The Electoral Commission of Kimathi released the lists of successful nominees for the delegate and student council positions and the successful clerks, moderators and security officials. Curiously, there will be no competition for the Dekutso council seats as there is only one successful nominee per position. All that is required for the nominees to win is for at least 29 delegates to vote yes for them. It remains to be seen how this “abnormal” election process will go. For example, the candidates will have no one to debate against. Also, campaigns will be restricted only to the delegate positions.

The following are the successful nominees for the Dekutso council:

The Dekutso council nominees: Sharon, Newton, Maureen, Festus Bett, Janet and Gakere
  • Brian Gakere Nyingi – Chairperson
  • Janet Chepkirui – Vice Chairperson
  • Festus Kipngetich Bett – Secretary General
  • Maureen Kagwiria – Gender & Disability
  • Newton Mwenda – Sports, Entertainment and Security
  • Sharon Wathiri Wachinga – Treasurer
  • Christopher Wekesa Nalondo – Campus Secretary

The successful applicants for the position of debate moderators are:

  • Calvine Mwanzi Shibiriti
  • Martha Awino Odhiambo
  • Newton Kelvin
First Years Reporting

First years reported at the beginning of the week. They have been undergoing orientation. The orientation process will continue into next week. On Monday 16th November, their classes are expected to begin, with timetables being provided by the respective schools. On Tuesday, the admission process will continue, with their documents being verified. They will also be signing the nominal rolls and presenting medical documents for verification. The Vice Chancellor will also be giving his address to the first years on Tuesday at the freedom hall.

Status of Internal Hostels

According to the directorate of student welfare, the internal hostels will continue to be unavailable to general students. Comrades, including first years, have been advised to look for external hostels. Part of the internal hostels have been reserved as an isolation center for suspected covid-19 cases. The rest have been reserved for students with verifiable special needs.

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Free Cancer Screening for Dekut Students

Today, Marie Stopes organized a free cancer screening for Dekut ladies at the YMCA center, Nyeri Town. Free testing for other diseases was also provided. Cancer, though deadly, can be treated successfully if is diagnosed in its early stages. The students who attended were provided with free transport from the university, as well as free snacks. For the sake of those who couldn’t attend on Friday due to commitments such as exams, the screening was extended by one more day. Those who are willing can attend the event on Saturday the 14th at 9:30 am. Ladies have been urged to take full advantage of this opportunity because they may not come across it again. To organize for free transport, liaise with John Theuri at 0715583995.

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Call for Student Volunteers To Help in UNESCO Presentation

The Institute of General Studies was looking for students conversant in their mother tongues and who are proficient in native language proverbs. They are to help in preparing a UNESCO presentation. Dekut will be hosting the UNESCO chair on anticipatory social-technical systems. As such, they will be making a presentation in the upcoming Global Summit on Futures Literacy scheduled for December 2020. The material prepared with the help of the volunteer students will be featured at Dekut’s booth in the summit. To learn more, read here

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