What has the DeKUTSO done so far?

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It has been only three months since the newly elected DeKUTSO was sworn into office. Immediately they started their term, the opposition (the coalition that lost the election) set out to make their time difficult and show that they were incapable of running the government.

Late last year, most students had not paid their fees and the school administration released memos threatening de-registration. The opposition was quick to use this to their favor, pointing out that if their government was still in power, such threats would have promptly been dealt with and students would not have to constantly worry about getting de-registered. The newly elected DeKUTSO’s silence on the issue further worsened things and at some point, some students really believed they would not sit for their exams. However, in the end, it turned out that the threats by the school had just been a ploy to get students to pay up. With such a rocky beginning to their term, how has the Theuri led government fared so far?

Their first achievement has been to successfully lobby for the installation of bumps along the Nyeri Nyahururu highway. Previously, multiple students had been involved in accidents along the highway, leading to the death of a number of comrades. Last semester, a hit and run incident resulted in the death of a comrade. The accident led to increased tension, with students almost going on strike to protest the lack of safety while using the road. Since the speed bumps were set up, there has been no accident on the road. It can therefore be said that the current DeKUTSO has dealt with the most urgent issue at the time of their election.

After the elections, there had been concern that the electorate had made a mistake in electing Kihonge and not Atema as the sports secretary. However, Kihonge has gone on to prove his critics wrong by doing a commendable job in sports. To start with, for the first time in Kimathi, an internal football league has been set up. The league is already underway and will run until the 7th of March. The Kimathi Super League has teams drawn from various departments in the university and is aimed at enhancing unity through talent development.

If you walk along the school in the evening on a weekday, you will see the effect that the league already has. The school fields are bursting with life and activity as comrades from different departments work to sharpen their football skills and increase their chances of winning the league.

It is anticipated that this league, in addition to providing entertainment for a majority of the students – who are football lovers – will also gradually lead to the increase in quality of the school football team.

In addition, the DeKUTSO has made sure that the fields on the Resource side of the school have been cleared for use by teams such as Eleven Arrows. The fields, which are used for football training, normally get bushy and unusable after being abandoned in the rainy season. In the past, such fields would remain bushy and the school would only clear them in April, just before the graduation ceremony.  

In an effort to beef up security, the DeKUTSO, in collaboration with Kenya Prisons, are in the process of clearing up the bushes around the Catholic hostels on the way to Nyeri View. This is in response to incidents where thugs hiding in these bushes have attacked comrades.

The current DeKUTSO has also been responsible for an increase in the amount of bursaries awarded, with the total amount awarded last semester going up to sh.150,000.

Obviously, the new student leaders have hit the ground running. Through their achievements thus far, they have proven that Kimathi comrades were right to elect them. They have also shown that they are capable of addressing the comrades’ problems and ensuring the prosperity of Kimathi. It now remains to be seen what they will do to combat challenges such as insecurity for students who reside in Nyeri View and Nyaribo.

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