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Enyewe heri mufuatilie sonko na mavela,😂 kuliko hio addiction iko Kenya. Punyeto.🐱 Just at almost the same time C.S Magoha says teenage pregnancy is very rampant in Kenya recently, na si ati ni maji ya kumeza P2 imekosa Ukambani..and other places, it’s just this thing they call sexual kiria.🙊

I have mixed feelings about the matter,🤔 Since I’m asking myself what really is the reason a lot of young girls and women are getting pregnant at a young age. 🤔🤔If I was randomly asked my answer would be; DADDY ISSUES. 🙄🙄🙄🗑️🗑️But juu sidai beef, wacha ….hehe Odi wa Murang’a🖤 is a vibe..be on the look out for his upcoming New album; Gengetonic I think..oh! and Teyanna’s too called The Album.💯

Back to the topic. I feel every girl out there who has undergone the fear of pregnancy and all, because well, I’m a girl too. 😏But I came to learn that in this life, one; the past is the past; cannot change today and should not determine your future. Unless it’s COVID saitan. 😬😣

Now, Andrew Kibe does these IGTV videos where he starts by telling women to get the fackarahere then he goes on to tell men some bulshit…😏Oooohh…soot your sot because she needs it more than you do),🙄🙄🗑️ gonga io kitu sijui what but hez mostly complaining about women.🤔🙄

So here goes my version; men gerarahia😂😂😂…hahaha sometimes I laugh at things I write really. But you know, that’s the point; to have fun in the midst of well..LIFE. So I would tell women everywhere first of all I really don’t care about your sexual appetites because I was told pia wao hutaka io kitu haha.😝 I’ve seen why the society never talks about these things ..it’s tricky so we shy from it, end up not educating our young girls as they grow, they end up getting involved in sexual activities without the knowledge and boom! Pregnancies. One in four unwanted pregnancies end up in abortions.🙆

So apart from rape, if it was consensual why not have protected sex until you decide you want a baby? 🤔Most girls would tell you their niggas..don’t like using protection 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🙄🙄🙄🙄or they thought they could just take the Panadol of the current day in Nairobi city. P-2. 😏So number two: Please please please girls do not let someone rob you of your power. All because he is your boyfriend husband or whatever because you went into that relationship first as a human being from some family back in the gichagi.😌 I think I’m trying to say that you have the power to decide whether or not to get pregnant, don’t give that power away to some son of a woman. Yea I know, I’m a FEMInist.🗯️🌚

Other pregnancies happen by accident like contraceptive failures and rape.💔 In that case my take is Dear sweet woman. You are strong, forgive yourself and carry on with life whether you decide to carry the baby or terminate. Don’t cave into depression cause your family loves you.💞💯So here goes the moral argument of whether abortion is right or wrong. God! I wish I had the uwezo to do my project like dis!🥵🙆

I had mentioned that one in four pregnancies get terminated. In Kenya, the constitution says it is illegal unless the doctor says that the life of the mother is in danger. And I remember back that time the church was really protesting against this. So I did my homework and found out that the moral argument of abortion exists worldwide and it is a debate Of pro life versus pro choice.🤨

Pro life supporters believe that life begins barely two weeks after conception…that is three days after you had sex. And that this thing(embryo) has a right to life and should not be terminated when you realize oops! I missed my period because even the DNA and some small features of the child would have formed by this time and that is killing. So, the baby has a right to life and the mother should not decide whether it lives or not.🌚

Pro choice supporters believe that the child yes it is there but it cannot make a decision of it’s own so the mother has the bigger right to decide whether the child lives or not. 🌚Where do I stand in this debate? Hahaha tricky. But pro life goes for me.😌

My take is; according to research, women abort mostly because it interrupts with their education and shame from the society, friends and family. First of all I think there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be ashamed of. It is 2020, every one in the society has seen a pregnant woman you will not be the first my dear. 🙄As for friends; don’t do anything for clout. Ain’t healthy.🗑️

Secondly, if the father has decided to be RESPONSIBLE enough to take care of the child, then ;EDUCATION CAN BE PAUSED. IT IS NOT THE END OF LIFE. 🤔If the father is not there, try seeking help from your FAMILY.👨‍👩‍👧 Guys wherever you go you will still be buried in your hometown. Meaning that is a constant thing. Most families are loving I don’t think you can hate your own blood that much. Figure something out. Hao wakikuambia abort pia…my dear in that case only Sir Jah can judge you.🙊

For cases like rape my take is whatever you will do out of spite, love, anger whatever emotion you were in at that time; Only God can judge you, but it is wise to seek early counseling from someone with a reasonable head. But I’m still pro life even for this case because there are people born out of rape, it don’t mean the are lesser human beings. 🤔

For Niggas, not taking care of your own child, is FOOLISHNESS. 🗑️🗑️🙄🙄Or sometimes they would say they were not ready with the expenses to raise a baby.
But for heaven’s sake, you’re a grown ass man. If you can not hustle, ask your mama for help. Period!🙄

Long story short, I think that pregnancy should be an issue to be handled by both families to decide whether or not to raise the kid. This reduces the mental burden on both young parents.

And girls, even Betty Kyallo said the other day that girls should work hard to achieve their dreams too..a little more FOCUS maybe? 🤔

Break is over, back to the daily schedule but before that I’d say what every other girl says after break ups and shit #shediscoveredwhoshewasandthegamechanged.😂😂😂 #BLACKLIVESMATTER🖤🧐🏴

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